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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What side of the Cross are you on?

Last week we began a series at our Men's meeting which included a message by Neal Jeffery. He encouraged us with a "pep talk" about the importance of standing tall and proclaiming the name of Jesus to our families and using His leading Holy Spirit in our lives. It was a powerful message of the role that Men play in the lives of their children. We must not falter from the course, we must show them in both actions and words that we "Believe."

This week we will continue the Men at the Cross series and be blessed by a message from Joe White. He speaks of the day our Lord died on that Cross between two criminals. I listened to the message several times over the last two days and cannot get past the insight that Joe provides.

Picture three crosses;

In the center is Jesus, the perfect lamb, not deserving to be on that cross, and with the ability at any moment to stop what was happening. He was the ultimate sacrifice, He was taking on my sin, my shame, my punishment. He was showing me the ultimate Love. He endured that which I could not.

On the left there was a loud and viscous man. He was angry, and mocking. He knew who Jesus was but he mocked Him, he told him if he were who Jesus said he was then he should get down off that cross and save Himself. Even in the last moments of life this criminal refused to see Jesus for who He really is. He was looking at the opportunity for redemption and peace, but his eyes were so clouded with anger that he failed to trust. He must have seen the miracles, or at least heard of them, or perhaps he was too busy to notice.

On the right was a man who accepted his punishment, rebuking the man on the left saying "we deserve this punishment, we are guilty, but Jesus is innocent." He realized his shame and guilt and sought forgiveness. He was not loud, he was ready to trust. Was he weak? Absolutely not! He defended Jesus with his words as the crowd around them hurled insults. This man finally got it, in the midst of his pain he found peace.

Two very different points of view, one loud and mocking, and one humble and seeking forgiveness and peace. As Joe White states, there are only two sides, either you are on the right side seeking Jesus and Forgiveness, or you are on the left side trying to do it all alone. If you are not seeking Jesus and on the right side then you are on the other side. There is but two choices.

Now I ask you to take a moment and consider which side you are on.

If you say that you are on the right side, do you actions show it. Are you doing the things that shed a good light on being a follower of Jesus?

I can speak for myself, I have fallen short.

Praise Jesus for his long suffering, bearing mercy for my inadequacies.

Tonight we will be meeting at the Krassons at 6:30 and listening to the message from Joe White, if you are able we would sure enjoy your company at the meeting. If anyone is in need of a ride, please email me at cbeecham@misericordia.edu

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